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The DCA Group was established in 2014. Since then the group client base has grown to include three corporate banks as well as various trust companies and attorneys.

The DCA Group is managed and owned by Dirk Coetzee and Merwe Moelich. Together they have more than 25 years’ experience in the industry. During 2018 it was decided to distinguish between our tax services to the fiduciary industry and our accounting and tax services to our individuals and small, medium companies.

Two companies were registered under the DCA Group for this purpose:

FiduTax: Tax services to fiduciary industry


Xtrovert Accounting: Accounting and tax services to individuals and small, medium companies.

These companies offer these services nationally. Most of our instructions are send electronically but we also have a national courier service for any required original documents on a weekly basis.
Over the years we have established weekly fixed appointments with SARS at all the branches in the Western Cape to attend to our tax matters.